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Our number one objective at HMH Industries is to provide quality overhead crane services and to be the leader for customer service and rapid response in the industry. Since our founding, HMH Industries has provided customers with real solutions to their problems through our inspection programs, preventative maintenance programs, and crane modernizations. With our commitment to customer service and 60 years of combined site management experience, we’re able to give you nothing less than the best overhead crane service. We carry a full line of overhead crane parts, and our staff is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Contact us in Katy, Texas at (888) 482-4943 to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members today.

Overhead Crane Parts
Our parts department stocks many parts in house to get you back up and running fast. If you need delivered, shipped, or parts installed by our technicians HMH Industries will ensure the fastest delivery possible. We carry or can order parts for all crane or hoist brands, and specialize in obsolete parts.

Tired of long delivery times and outrageous pricing? HMH Industries offers custom built gears, crane wheels, and other machined items typically at a lower price and with better delivery that OEM parts. We also offer hoist and motor brake relining on many shoe and band brakes. If you have a bad motor we can take it down and have it rebuilt with fast turn around and at a much lower price than a new motor.

We stock and offer great pricing and service on Power Electronics variable frequency drives, Telecrane radio controls, Reuland parts, R&M hoist and parts, EC&M motor controls, Saf-T-Bar conductor, Ductowire conductor and pendent stations to name a few.

OSHA Inspections:
Have the qualified staff of HMH Industries preform your OSHA inspections. We will inspect the structure of your crane as well as the electric and mechanical systems to ensure they are working properly and safe to use. We’ll also provide preventative maintenance, such as lubrication for gear boxes and wire ropes and adjusting of the motor brakes, to keep your crane running properly for a long time to come. These inspections and overhead crane services are a great cost-saving way to reduce your down time.

Operator Training
Need to train personnel on how to operate an overhead crane properly and safely? Our skilled instruction staff members will educate your operator on the proper operations for the crane, including the required daily inspections and OSHA requirements. Operators that got through our training are tested, certified, and provided with all training literature.

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Ensure your equipment is OSHA compliant with our inspection services. HMH Industries crew of experienced personnel and quality technicians are all prepared to help you.

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Contact our staff today to see how we can help you stay safe when using your overhead cranes and maintain compliance. Call 281-391-1191 or fill our our online contact form.

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